menorah giving light


Sometimes I try a different style, and do it quickly to see where it leads. Starting with the earlier idea of light being ethereal, this was done on rough paper using crayon to pull out the highlights before applying watercolor– a wax resist technique. I envisioned it through a water-soaked lens as the lights played on reflections. Eventually I gave it as a wedding gift for friends.

3 thoughts on “menorah giving light”

  1. Dear Dave,
    I really like all of your mennorahs but this one is possibly my favorite. I know they are copy written but I would love a copy. Do you sell any copies?

    1. Scarlett, Yesterday I made another menorah similar to the one you spoke of. I’ll send it this evening (the photo is too large to send now) but I’d simply like you to compare it to the first one. This is just the way I work, responding to input from people to know what they are looking for. I can later scan the one you chose to be reprinted (first one included) and either have it printed to your size, or sent to you in digital format, for a reasonable price either way. How does that sound? -dave

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