Why blog

its never too late to start something new. I’m an artist, but for a couple decades I hesitated to see myself that way, even if it was first obvious to everyone else as early as the 1st grade. so this blog will document my journey back up to what Adonai, G-d of the universe, would probably have wanted me to be doing years ago.

self -oil-'79 webA

this self portrait was done near my last year of college (1979). I’ll put up more art from that period from time to time, but my real reason to have a blog is to get me posting new things daily. I welcome your comments and candor.

the paper I painted on with oils is 18 x 24, so the head is larger than life. often I find a surprising result when I venture beyond what I’m accustomed doing, like moving from mono to stereo, and later to surround sound.